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Women in Boxing
April 19, 2021 0 Comments

These Women Have Changed the Way People View Sport

There is Mexican girl who won the weigh-in to challenge Canelo in last year’s Olympics. She literally changed boxing scene. This is one of the most popular faces in Mexican sports right now. She is not just a pretty face though, she is also skilled and her winning strategy has been dubbed by many as the best ever. She managed to get the much coveted gold medal, beating out all the other favorites not by how long she had trained, but by how many amateur fights she had fought and how many rounds she had won. This made her the new face of Mexico’s boxing scene and her profile is already becoming a sensation in boxing circles. Here we will take a brief look at how long is a boxing match round by round.

This past February, Canelo faced Joanna Santana in what was supposed to be her first professional match in six months

She had lost the previous two fights to defending champion Castellano and looked all over the ring, not knowing how her opponent was going to throw her, who her best weapons were and how to counter them. She knew that her nickname, “Osasuna”, had made her the first name people. Thought of her when she stepped into a boxing ring. Despite being the underdog, Canelo surprised the entire boxing world. All by winning by beating the former two time Olympic gold medalist. This made her the face of boxing and everyone who watched this match. They came away with the distinct impression that Canelo can win at any given time.

Just as impressive as Canelo’s match against Santan

It was the way that boxing fans throughout the world greeted her after her victory. There were many photos of her with the belt around her neck and her trainer, Valderrama, and manager, Ramon Arroyo, smiling with her. You may find out more about Reddit boxing community girls photos like Canelo at our boxing blog page. Many people began to realize that this girl is more than a professional fighter. She is a woman who has found success in an industry. That many assume only men of violence have been involved in. People started to ask how she came up with such a crazy winning strategy. How she managed to get so many people behind her success. Her new public relations campaign. Which includes a movie and several photo shoots. It is turning the spotlight on her and making people realize that boxing isn’t just for men anymore.

The first reaction many people had to the news that Canelo was fighting on behalf of Joanna. In a planned pay-per-click campaign was how she must have been such a great athlete. How she never faced any struggles in school or in life. Many people didn’t realize that boxing training was a crucial part of her success. How she climbed the boxing ladder. She didn’t just beat out other young fighters for top boxing spots, she earned it. This attitude was proven again in her decision to join the World Boxing Hall of Fame. Also to fight her way into the Fighters Hall of Fame.

Joanna dominated the boxing scene field play

Joanna became one of the first women ever to headline a boxing event in the United States. When she fought against Lisaarez in Las Vegas. Women in boxing have come a long way since then and now command big dollars. All when they step into the ring. Canelo may not become the biggest name in female boxing. But the boxing scene in America is changing and women. They are starting to demand more.

Joanna’s success is changing the complexion of the boxing scene in America. Women who once considered boxing a men’s sport are now showing. All that they have what it takes to go toe to toe with the best in the world. Canelo’s rise to stardom has opened doors for women in boxing. That were previously shut out, and the boxing world is paying close attention.

Boxing is now a major draw and attracts millions of viewers every single year

There are many different factors that have led to the success of women in boxing. But the main factor is because they are now given an opportunity to fight in the big show matches. Where many other people will automatically take them because of their status as females. It is rare to see many top names fight in boxing matches. It is even rarer to see a female fighter actually win a fight. Many people have put the chances of women winning in the boxing cage. At close to zero, but now those days are long gone.

Boxing is a great way to lose weight and build muscle all at the same time too

The boxing scene has been made even more fun and exciting by the introduction of several knockout tournaments on national television. The skill level is much higher than in years past and women can compete with the best of the best. Many women in boxing have had to overcome tremendous odds to reach the top, but now that they have the chance, they are fighting for the championship in the world. Women in boxing have changed the landscape of how professional athletes view their bodies and the sport in general. Their courage and perseverance have inspired millions of people to give the sport a chance.